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Top Digital Marketing tricks to boost your Business During COVID-19

Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate in gender, race, caste, rich and poor, neither does it in businesses. Covid has led to the shutdown of many businesses permanently and many of these ignored the importance of online presence. More than 72,000 businesses have shut permanently in the USA due to Covid since March 2020, as per the data of Yelp’s Local Economic Impact Report.

So here are some effective steps for making an online presence: -

ü Connect with your social media to your audience.

ü Use this time with more trustworthiness and connect with your audience emotionally, there is higher internet usage and new users now, try to build trust instead of sales in the first go.

ü If you have enough budget, then use some portion of it in social welfare as people are in need of this help, this will bring value to their life and brand value to yours.

ü Reassure your customers.

ü Make regular updates to them, send them valuable emails.

ü Post regularly on social media and add information to customer’s accounts.

ü Be Creative.

ü Make Lead Magnets, don’t just look for sales every time, being creative attracts the new customer and builds trust to the old ones.

ü Don’t just depend on your previous marketing strategies.

ü Make your audience participate with you. You can create online quiz sessions, QnA sessions, or any other contests. Be clear that your motto is “Trust building” not “Sales boosting” this time.

ü Improve your online presence.

ü Do SEO research

ü Make valuable content

ü Optimize your business website

ü Improve user experience

These all steps will help you get ahead of your competitors, build relationships, promote sales etc. and for the long term, it will be very fruitful for your business.

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