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Content writing with AI Tools

The trend of Content writing using some top AI Tools

Just writing a blog or an article does not get you great visibility on the internet, but publishing fresh content regularly is a mandate. This is a task for many business owners and adopting AI tools for content writing can work excellently well to achieve this. Undoubtedly, this is a great way to expedite content production but being machine-produced; it can or cannot be appealing against human-written content.

Now, you must be wondering what exactly AI writing tools are. So, to make it simple, they are computerized programs that produce content, based on input fed into it by a user. The user has to give information about the type of content he desires. And based on this input, the AI content writer creates the content to match the provided specifications. The majority time, the content created this way is unbiased and free from any personal opinion or thought. But still, the content requires some human touch to create quality text. These tools prove to be an elixir in cases of urgency, as these take less time to produce content. And, you get error-free content at the earliest. They are of different types and function differently. Some help you with the readability of the content; while others assist in writing a whole post and certain others take care of both the readability and writing the content.

Since everything has pros and cons attached to them, AI content writing tools have some downsides. The very first is the cost that is involved in using these tools. Though they are also available for free and to streamline the content better, one needs to purchase them. So the content is created at a higher cost by using AI tools than writing it yourself. The contents created this way lack the emotional connection. Though being created with a specified tone and in a professional style, the content can look loose in comparison to human-written content. One of the other drawbacks is that you may receive content that is not plagiarised but yes, it may be repetitive. If you agree on using them, then you should first know your requirement and then choose one among the many that are available in the market. The following are some of the best tools available:

1. Grammarly

This provides a platform to proofread content for its correctness, clarity, and conciseness. It helps in improving the content’s overall readability. Its free version is available but a premium plan will provide you with extra features like a plagiarism checker. This enhances a write-up by improving it grammatically with a correct style and delivery. One can get it from the Grammarly app or can install the browser extension to access it.

2. CopyAI

Using this AI tool, one can create content ranging from product descriptions to social media content. It has a user-friendly interface and already designed templates to create content. You have to choose the type of content you want and provide a description of the content type in some sentences. And based on the provided details, you will get a list of ten options to select from. Its free version makes you eligible to use its ten credits and 90+ copywriting tools. However, a paid version supports unlimited credits.

3. Jasper

Also known as Jarvis, this is one of the famous AI tools used for content writing. This is a fabulous tool to create content for marketing or an official website. This content can be used to enhance search rankings, etc. It has Boss Mode, where certain commands are provided t generate content. It has more than 50 templates to choose from. It comes for $29 per month, which includes 20,000 words per month.

4. Articoolo

This tool is used by users of WordPress blogs. This software creates articles in less time and it is available with a plugin for WordPress users. This AI tool can be used for creating fresh content or can be used to rewrite an already-written article. You can even create titles using the title generator. This is available for a free session and its subscription can be bought at $19 for ten articles.

5. Frase

Another interesting SEO-friendly AI tool for content writing is Frase. This not only provides a platform to create briefs and posts but also helps in optimizing them. This is a superb tool to be used if there is a team to work with. It has collaborative features for creating project folders and sending editable links. You can purchase it at $44.99 per month after taking the free trial session.

6. Anyword

Using this tool will assist you in getting a predictive performance score for your text. It can be used to generate ad copy, landing pages, product listings, landing pages, etc. Also, it has a fascinating feature for optimization that ensures good traffic to your website. Here, one can use up to 10,000 words per month for free but you have to buy it for further word usage.

These content-writing AI tools do play an important role but it is advisable to weigh their pros and cons, when investing in any one of them.

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