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10 Frustrations Users Face with Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has brought significant changes to the world of web analytics, promising a more holistic and insightful understanding of user behavior. However, like any platform, GA4 has its fair share of frustrations that users encounter.

As Google continues to develop and refine GA4, it's crucial for them to address these frustrations and provide users with clearer guidelines, better customization options, and smoother data migration processes. The web analytics landscape is ever-evolving, and while these frustrations might be valid for now, they might lessen as the platform matures.

10 things that users often hate about Google Analytics 4

Steep Learning Curve: Transitioning from Google Analytics to GA4 can be challenging due to the platform's restructured interface and new terminology. Long-time users might find themselves struggling to adapt to the new way of doing things, resulting in a steep learning curve.

Lack of Data Continuity: One major annoyance is the absence of data continuity during the transition. Users find it frustrating that they can't seamlessly compare historical data from Universal Analytics to GA4, making it harder to track trends and analyze long-term performance accurately.

Limited Customization: GA4's initial release had limited customization options compared to its predecessor. Users often find themselves missing the extensive customization options available in Universal Analytics, hindering their ability to tailor the platform to their specific needs.

Unclear Event Tracking: Event tracking in GA4 is quite different from what users were accustomed to in Universal Analytics. The process can be unclear and confusing, causing frustration when trying to set up and track events accurately.

Complex User Journey Analysis: While GA4 promises advanced user journey analysis, users sometimes find it complex and unintuitive. The process of visualizing and understanding user paths can be frustrating, particularly for those who are used to the more straightforward flow in Universal Analytics.

Reporting Limitations: GA4's reporting capabilities, while promising, are not yet as comprehensive as Universal Analytics. Users miss certain reporting features and feel restricted in their ability to generate specific types of reports.

Data Sampling Woes: Data sampling can be a major frustration for users dealing with larger datasets. GA4's sampling methods might not provide the level of accuracy and detail that users need, leading to skewed insights.

Integration Challenges: Integrating GA4 with other platforms or tools can sometimes be a headache. Users encounter compatibility issues and difficulties when trying to seamlessly connect GA4 with their existing systems.

Delayed Features: In its early stages, GA4 lacked several features that were present in Universal Analytics. Users found it frustrating to have to wait for Google to roll out updates and catch up with the functionality they were accustomed to.

Uncertain Future: One of the most significant frustrations stems from uncertainty about the future of GA4. Some users worry that Google might deprecate Universal Analytics before GA4 reaches the same level of maturity, leaving them with a platform that's not fully ready for their needs.


While Google Analytics 4 holds promise for the future of web analytics tools with its focus on advanced tracking, machine learning, and improved insights, users often find themselves grappling with various frustrations. The transition from Universal Analytics, the lack of data continuity, limited customization, and the complexities of event tracking and user journey analysis can all be sources of frustration. Additionally, reporting limitations, data sampling issues, integration challenges, delayed features, and the uncertainty surrounding the platform's future contribute to user discontent.

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